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A Personal Message From Stephen Ceol, Ecotect CEO

Most people are unaware there is a solid sea of plastic trash twice the size of Texas swirling and expanding in the Pacific Ocean. Whales and dolphins are being slaughtered by the Japanese government while sea turtles struggle on the brink of extinction. Life everywhere is caught in the toxic crossfire of our civilization. This places our planet in serious trouble and we, as the stewards of this world, have the responsibility to act.

Since Ecotect’s beginning in August, 1998, we have chosen to be as “Green” as possible in our day to day operations. This commitment to positive change has been our guiding principle as we continue to expand our business, so in this interest, we support charities that engage in direct action to help the planet. Three of our favorite charities, with links to their websites, can be found below. Please help by supporting their efforts in restoring balance to our planet. If not for ourselves, do it for your children, and their children.

Real change is possible, and it starts with one person deciding to change the status quo. Why not join us and be that person?

Stephen Ceol, CEO

Other Resources:
Caribbean Conservation Cooperation
Sea Shepherd
Algalita Marine Research Foundation


Whales Need Help
Help the Sea Turtles

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Since 1998, Ecotect Scientific Pest Elimination has been committed to providing Earth-friendly pest control services. Out goal is to eliminate your pest problem without harming your family or the environment. The combination of our expert technicians and organic products results in a pest free home without the exposure to traditional pesticides.

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